Thursday, December 1, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The rest of summer and fall through pictures

  Brix had a sports class in August that he loved.. And so did Daws.

Tryin out his big boy bike.

Bear Lake, we sure do love this place.

Some back yard fun with buddies.

And fall has officially begun! The U's first home game.


These boys had a blast together!

Preschool field trip to Thanksgiving Point
 Brix and his buddy Ty

Mary Poppins play, Brixton had never seen the movie but loved the play.

Cousins Wedding

Whole Fam Damily Shot

St. George Mari.. Love, Love, Loved this marathon!

Halloween, love this time of year!

Brixton singing at his preschool program

Dawson entertaining himself with trains while we watch B.

Trick or Treating at Daddy's work.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Last week Mike and I had the chance to go to go on trek with our stake. We were Ma and Pa to 10 youth. We were both nervous and a little weary, but it ended up to be one of the most spiritual experiences of our lives. We went to Martin's Cove and The Willie Place. They trully are Hallowed Ground. I have never been outdoors and felt so overwhelmed with the spirit, that it came out in sobs.  I am so thankful for my pioneer heritage and the faith, strength, and endurance they so naturally obtained.  

 The youth never ceases to amaze me.
 One of  3 river crossings. (my hubs is a romantic at heart)
 I love this picture, takes my breath away. (over 300 youth and leaders from our stake.)
Martin's Cove, a place of so much pain and loss; but also a place of much needed relief and rescue.
President Hinckley called it Wyoming's Temple.

Monday, July 18, 2011


We love summer and are havin a blast. Here is an update..

 Early June was Mike's 33rd birthday. We sure do love him.

I love surprising others, and we surprised Jeana for her 30th!

Lovin the slip n slide. Brix calls it the car wash as well.

Wyoming fun at G and G's.

The 4rth of July Parade at good ole Fort Bridger.

American Fork Days. These boys had a blast!

Blues Traveler Concert. (Actually they opened for a guy we had never heard of, Chris Issak?)

Draper Days Children's Parade. (Best thing ever. You can take a bike, stroller, whatever, and decorate it to your hearts content. Draper city provides everything. And you parade down the road to a park and have free treats!)

Yes, that is a black eye on my little guy. Falling down a couple of cement stairs doesn't agree with heads and eyes apparantly. Yes people, I am in fact mother of the year.

Swimming! We live at the pool. Both Brix and Daws started swim lessons last week and love, love, love it.

More Draper Days..